Recycled Broken Concrete

Recycled Broken Concrete

Recycled or Broken Concrete is a great cost effective alternative for use as patio paving material, stairs, retaining walls, raised planters, walkways and driveways.

We are living in a time in which the cost of energy and resources are rapidly rising and by using a local recycled product like Broken Concrete, we can individually do our part in helping the environment. By using on-site material, one job at a time, we can help reduce pollutants and costly fuel consumption that is typically generated when hauling in heavy loads of Hardscape materials.  

We use small slabs of broken concrete in place of expensive stone, a cost effective alternative suitable for most hardscapes projects on your property.     

Horizon Landscaping recycles and ‘Stockpiles’ broken concrete from our past demolition jobs, keeping it out of landfills and having it ready when you need it. Our broken concrete is relatively inexpensive and of course you save from having any recycled material cost if the concrete is from your property!

Broken concrete paving is typically installed with permeable open joints, reducing water runoff, another environmentally sustainable benefit! With permeable paving, combined with one of our in-ground “Rain Harvesting” systems, we can even help you recycle water from your own property.

To find out more about our Recycled Broken Concrete and Rain Harvesting Systems, contact Tom at (626) 285-8000 or E-mail


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