Pools and Spas

Pools and Spas

We have been Installing Pools and Spas since 1999 and we specialize in Pool Remodels!

Tom has been designing Pools and Backyard Entertainment Areas for many years and he has a great eye for “Scale” and how the size of your new pool relates to the size of your property, how best to position the pool to maximize your Entertainment Area.  We Also take great care so that your new pool blends well with the Architecture of your home.

Horizon Landscaping also is well known for it’s high quality stone work so you can be sure your new pool can be complimented with real stone, installed by veteran stone masons. It is one of our specialties, to apply real stone to the walls of your Raised Spa or Raised Pool.  We use a variety of stone on our pools, Granite Cobblestone, “Dry Stacked” Blue Stone or Malibu Stone, just to name a few.

Or maybe you only have a small space and you are considering if a pool could even tastefully fit? Well…We also install small “Endless” Pools.  A Therapeutic Pool and Spa Swimming Machine that can fit in a space as small as 10′ x 8′!  It is a pool with a powerful pump that creates a water current that you can swim or exercise against.  A smooth current of water that is adjustable to any speed or ability. But it is also available with Spa Jets, directional adjustable hydrotherapy water jets. It’s an exercise pool and a hot tub, all in one!

Pool Remodels? 

Are you ready to give your “Dated” pool a new look ?

Or are you thinking about adding a Spa to your existing Pool?

We Specialize in Pool Remodels!

We can show you some of our favorite Tile and Pool Plaster Finishes that are available.

We also install new pool coping.    Brick Pool Coping, Natural Stone Coping or “Pour-in-Place” Colored Concrete Coping, showing off one of our specialties, The “Water Washed” Concrete Finish.

When it comes to new Pool Plaster, we like the Ceramaquartz Pool Plaster, which is a ceramic coated quartz, an aggregate that gets added to your pool plaster to give your pool a long lasting durable texture finish. A Ceramaquartz Pool Plaster lasts much longer compared to regular pool plaster. The Ceramaquartz aggregate comes in many colors to match your specific choice.

When we install new plumbing in your pool,  We like to use Pentair Pool Filters and Pentair WhisperFlo Pool Pumps to provide you with one of the best, long lasting pool filtration systems available.


To find out more about Pools and Spas, contact Tom at (626) 285-8000 or E-mail tomofhorizon@earthlink.net


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