Patio Covers

Wood Patio Covers and Arbors

Areas of Expertise: 

• Craftsman Style Wood Patio Covers with Asian Influenced Designs

• Greene and Greene Style Wood Structures with edges and corners of all wood members “Moshed” over into soft rounded edges using 1″ to 2″ radius routers and tastefully integrating “Cloud Lift” patterns

• Contemporary Modern Structures

• Simple Wood Shade Patio Covers

• Open Beam Arbors for growing Roses, Grapes or any Flowering Vine upon

• Solid Roof Patio Structures, Cabanas and Piazzas

• Carports and Garages

Our expertise in building Patio Covers is not limited to working with wood. We also design and build structures with Architectural supports made of hand carved stone columns, plaster columns and pilasters or concrete columns to meet any Architectural aesthetic styles such as Doric, Ionic, Corinthian or Tuscan. 

Also we design and build Metal over head patio covers. Using Steel or Aluminum for the posts, header beams and rafters. And Just like working in wood, our Steel or Light Weight Aluminum structures can have a variety of Rafter Tail Corbel Designs, Knee Brace Designs, and soft rounded edges to mimic wood.

Sometimes it’s a blend of Metal and Wood construction techniques. Internally we use structural steel posts and I-Beams but the steel is “Boxed” and clad in wood, giving you the beauty of wood with the structural integrity of steel.  We often use this design when less posts are desired in your patio area as longer overhead beam spans can be achieved using steel header beams and we work closely with our structural engineers to come up with a design that balances aesthetics and strength!

We strive to make our Patio Covers Simplistic and Clean , One of our favorite means of Structurally Connecting your new wood patio parts together without seeing a bunch of shinny ugly hardware is to use “Simpson” Strong-Tie “Concealed Joist Ties”, this is hardware that is installed using a precise router joint in the wood to internally hide the metal hardware connectors. Giving your structure an old world hand crafted joinery look but utilizing modern building hardware.

On some of our Wood Structures we “Celebrate” the Hardware and show it off, choosing not to try and hide the connecting hardware. In these cases we will Design our own custom, innovative, architectural aesthetically pleasing metal hardware.  When done right, our custom hardware designs can look good on anything from a Craftsman style patio cover to a Mid Century Modern structure.

From small simple wood patio covers to large slate roofed outdoor kitchen structures, patios covers with retractable awnings to ones covered in shade cloth, canopy shade structures with metal posts or light weight lattice covers to large heavy timber construction, simply put we do it all!

To find out more about Patio Covers, contact Tom at (626) 285-8000 or E-mail


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