Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

From complete new “Water Conservation” irrigation and sprinkler systems installed in your yard to small one hour ‘Service Call’ repair work, Horizon Landscape is at your service

•  Tom can design complete new Irrigation systems and supply you with detailed Irrigation plans

•  Tom is an expert in irrigation design and installation and has taught public seminars for the City of Pasadena and Altadena Residences on the subject of Water Conservation, Drip Irrigation Conversions and Drought Tolerant Plant Irrigation Designs

•  We have “Certified Irrigation Technicians” for all your sprinkler repair needs

 “Netafim” Drip Systems – One of our favorites to suggest when converting your property over to a Low Flow, Deep Watering, Irrigation Drip System

• Drip Systems using One GPH to Two GPH “Button” Drippers on 1/4″ tubing to 1/2″ drip hose – Uses up to 60% Less Water over conventional spray nozzles

• Stream Rotors Systems – Uses up to 30% Less Water over conventional spray nozzles

• Micro Spray Systems – Fine Small Spray heads for small garden planter areas

• RainBird, Hunter, Irritrol, RainDrip, Agrifim and Olson are just a few of the High Quality Sprinkler Products we use when installing a new sprinkler system for you

Call for a:

• Same Day / Emergency Service Call

• An Irrigation System Evaluation

• Estimate for a New Sprinkler System

To find out more about our Irrigation and Sprinkler Services, contact Tom at (626) 285-8000 or Email


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