Flagstone Patios & Walkways

 Flagstone Patios and Walksways

Looking for a company to install a flagstone patio or walkway? Or a stone driveway?

Horizon Landscaping has been working with natural stone for over 25 years and our highly skilled masons have become expert craftsmen in the art of stone setting!

From “Sand Set” stone paving to stones set on a concrete base, whether you want turf or ground cover planted in the stone joints or if you want solid mortar grout as your stone joints, we carefully fit each and every stone to insure consistent, pleasing joint widths.

Materials We Specialize In:

• Random Irregular Shaped Flagstone

• Tumbled Cobblestone

• Random Ashlar Pattern Stone Tile

• Pennsylvania Bluestone

• Arizona Flagstone

• High Desert Flagstone

• Lompoc Limestone

• Travertine Tile

• Sandstone

Just to name a few!

We also Specialize In Custom Stone Slab Fabrication for:

• Custom Stone Stairway Staircase Treads

• Stone Slabs cut to any size or pattern for “Oversized” Stone Tile Patios

• Stone Countertops

• “Dry Stacked” Stone Veneer Walls

• Stone Pool Coping with a “Flamed” or Natural “Hand Hewn” Edge

• Stone Fireplace Hearth and Mantels

Stone Work is the Heart of Horizon Landscaping’s Business!

To find out more about Flagstone Patios, contact Tom at (626) 285-8000 or E-mail tomofhorizon@earthlink.net


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