Concrete Driveways

We have been Installing Concrete Driveways for over 25 years.

There are many choices for your concrete driveway design with different finishes, color options and score line designs.

We specialize in what we call our “Water Washed” Concrete Finish. This finish leaves a beautiful ‘Sand’ textured surface, showing off the ‘Fine’ sand granules that exist in a concrete mix. We typically always use subtle, warm colors added into the mix to help ensure our new concrete work compliments and blends well with your home and property!

We also specialize in “Exposed Aggregate” Driveways.  This finish leaves you with small pebbles or fine stones beautifully texturing the driveway surface. There are so many choices to make your driveway unique as there are so many different stone aggregate sizes, colors and textures.  From a smooth, soft, rounded “Criba” pebble,  or the colorful natural tones of the “Cambria” to the Beige angular textured aggregate “Del Rio”, there is a stone out there to match your homes personality. “Exposed Aggregate” is one of the most warm, rich, natural concrete driveway choices, as there is nothing like real stone introduced throughout your property.

Another cost effective driveway material is “Chip Seal” stone resurfacing. We resurface your ugly, cracked asphalt with a wide variety of stone options. No need to remove your old asphalt driveway, we just resurface it with a pea gravel blend that is embedded into your existing driveway surface, for a Tuscan Country Villa Motor Court look! Like our concrete exposed aggregate driveways but this is aggregates in asphalt!    

We also install concrete interlocking pavers.  These concrete pavers are a water “Permeable” driveway choice, allowing for less rain water run-off.  The pavers are set on a compacted “Road Base” and sand, water can enter into the paver joints offering a better environment for large mature tree root systems that are adjacent to Hardscape driveway and walkway areas. “Belgard” Pavers are one of our favorite choices to suggest as there are many natural earth tone colors and textures to choose from.

From “Jazz Joints” to Diamond patterns, the ‘Score Lines’ or ‘Control Joints’ are a needed function to control cracking in your driveway but they are also a way to introduce interesting design patterns into your driveway. We hand tool the joints while the concrete is still wet or on some of our “Mid Century Modern” projects we cut the joints in with diamond blade saws a day after the driveway is set.

As we have done driveways at many Pasadena Bungalow and Pasadena Craftsman homes, one of our favorites score line patterns are simple 3 foot to 4 foot squares on the driveway with 1′ to 2′ squares on the walkways, a Classic Craftsman pattern! Along with our “Water Washed” Concrete Finish and the right subtle color additives, this concrete work can blend well with the 80 – 100 year old concrete at “Turn of the Century” homes.

Our driveways are installed not only for beauty, but also for strength as we always use steel reinforcing bar in all our concrete driveways. We also start off with a thick sub-base of, machine compacted, “Road Base” below your concrete.   The ‘machine compacted’ base is an important element in your driveway installation as it helps prevent your new driveway from ‘settling’ and settling leads to cracking which shortens the life of your driveway. Our concrete work is Second to None!


To find out more about Concrete Driveways, contact Tom at (626) 285-8000 or E-mail


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